about us

Who we are?

With highly trained team we can offer you full Technical Support in The field of Industrial Filtration & any other application you will need to have a clean, dry air without Humidity and particles.

Whatever the application you need such as (Food& beverages, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum Service, Cement Factory…..)  You will have our Support and solution

Our Target Is To Provide You A Complete Filtration Process .

Welcome to Pure Filteration Solutions

If there is anything that you need in the area of industrial filters, dryer systems, process filtration, pharmaceutical filtration, laboratory filtration devices or membranes ...measuring or testing devices. We can tailor your demands, We are specialist of high efficiency filters and purification components for compressed air, technical gases and fluids of Pharmaceutical applications.

We are authorized agent/dealer for well-known companies with high efficiency and performance of premium products such as:-

  •  Donaldson ultrafilter, Germany

  • Meissner Filtration Products, USA.

  • Whatman GE

  • Sartorius, Germany

  • Ultratroc, Germany

  • Flow-Test, Germany

Pure guarantee the quality, reliability and efficiency required by industrial applications and laboratory products from our suppliers.

Germany and USA.

Vision & Mission

The Value of Customer 
Pure Co. believes in establishing and maintaining long-term, trustworthy and successful relationships with its customers.

By constantly tailoring our products and services to the needs of the customer, as well as providing efficient and reliable customer care, we can ensure that our customers are not only happy, but that they are also performing to the best of their ability, whilst also saving money.


The Value of Human Resources 
At the heart of Pure Co. values are people and this is apparent in both our internal and external professional relationships, with qualities such as trust, faith, honesty, loyalty, mutual respect and sincerity being vital company ethics.

Our organization is characterized by a high level of personal responsibility and short decision-making processes, both of which encourage the development of employee knowledge and experience which are fundamental success factors in our company.

We actively promote and challenge our employees in their personal and professional development and, in return, we receive their commitment and dedication to the company, to our customers and in our beliefs. Our respect and care of individual employees and their families have led to employee loyalty and employment longevity – both of which have contributed to our on-going success in achieving company objectives – both internally and externally. 


The Value of Strategy 
Pure has a clear company objective: to provide the largest energy-saving benefits and give the most efficient product to customers with the best price in the market, thereby increasing customer profit margins.

From the audit of products and aftersales services, Only with these two factors- total service quality and product competence– we can fulfil our objectives.